Want To Improve Custom Packaging? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Want To Improve Custom Packaging? Don’t Miss These Tips!

As a small and growing brand, your company probably has budget constraints. However, packaging is an aspect that requires attention, and there are many known advantages of custom packaging. The idea of custom packaging is to ensure that your brand and product find recognition in the market and among buyers. Customizing the product box adds brand value and increases the scope of improving conversions and sales.

With that said, here are some top tips to improve custom packaging for small business.

  • Focus on branding elements

There are many notable examples, where brands have tried and successfully pushed sales by changing the packaging for the same product. However, custom packaging needs to have a unique standing of its own for the brand concerned. When a buyer sees the Amazon logo, he can understand and spot the brand even when the package has many other details or has a new color. Make sure that your branding strategies are on point.

  • Don’t overcomplicate it

Yes, the idea of custom packaging is to have a unique identity for your brand, but make sure that it doesn’t become too complicated for the buyer to process. The best product boxes have limited information and are designed to be simple and effective. You may add information, although it is best to keep the box as practical and readable as possible.

  • Think of the product first

Even before you go ahead and think of the box design, consider the needs of the product first. For example – How big is the product? Is the product fragile? If yes, would you need extra cushioning for the product? The box design should pertain to the product and not the other way around. One of the critical aspects of custom packaging is to ensure that the box size and shape are designed with the product in consideration.

  • Learn from your competitors

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on your immediate competitors. When it comes to custom packaging, focusing on the trends and keeping a tab on competition is necessary, because you can get genuine ideas and inspiration to innovate better.

Select a company that has the experience of handling custom packaging for smaller companies and startups. Check their product boxes and find more on what they can do for your company in particular. You can place a small order and test their production quality and services before opting for a long-term contract.