Buying the Right Diamond: Tips to Consider

Buying the Right Diamond: Tips to Consider

It cannot be easy to find the perfect diamond because there are so many options from which to choose. It can feel overwhelming and may even cause you to second guess your decision before buying a diamond ring Singapore for your loved one. Here are some tips to consider when buying diamonds.

– Diamond Shape – You will want to start here because this is the most important aspect of your ring, followed by cut and clarity after that.

– Cut – For diamonds that are not well cut, light can escape through the bottom or sides of the stone because it is too thin. This causes brilliance and sparkle to be lost.

– Clarity – Diamonds should have no inclusions visible when viewed under ten power magnification by an expert gemologist using a standard eye loupe used for diamond grading.

– Color – Diamond color is rated on a scale from D to Z, where diamonds with colors closer to the top of the scale are more valuable. For example, gray or black tints in diamonds indicate exposure to high radiation levels, damaging their internal structure and causing them not to sparkle as much. In contrast, green-tinted diamonds have a different cause.

– Carat Weight – The price of diamonds with higher carat weights is generally higher than those smaller in weight, but this is not always the case as it depends on other factors such as clarity and color.

In conclusion, the best way to ensure that you buy a diamond ring with all of these attributes is by working closely with your jeweler.